Excursions and trekking

For those who are interested we are available to organise tours to the beautiful historical and natural spots in the surrounding area. Sabina and the lower Umbria offer a unique rural landscape where the human presence and wilderness meet in an harmonious splendour. Its morphology features valleys and hills scattered with beautiful and well preseved anceint towns, where modern interventions were made according to the original style.

The result is a timeless atmosphere, a genuine landscape which, differently from Tuscany, is not “made” for tourism but it maintains its original nature, made of a simple and slow lifestyle reluctant towards modernity.

Just a few minutes walk from Colle dei Gelsi it is possible to reach Collevecchio ancient town centre, the Benedictine convent of S. Andrea and the medieval burg of Cicignano.

Not too far you can also find the Church of S. Maria del Piano (XIV century), its blessed spring water fountain fed by a Roman aqueduct and the ancient ruins of Mozzano. Else, you can reach the beautiful medieval church of Maria della Noce (X century) built over a torrent.

With a half-hour drive you can get on the Monti Sabini where you can start various trekking paths, enjoy breathtaking landscapes and admire ruins and archeological remains.

Still at about 30 minutes drive you can reach the ancient towns of Casperia, Rocchette, Cantalupo e Roccantica or visit the Tevere-Farfa natural reserve or the abandoned burg of Fianello.

Within 40 minutes we can reach Narni, Farfa Abbey, Vico lake or the century-old beech forest on the Monti Cimini

In less than an hour we can reach the historic centre of Rome, Viterbo, Orvieto and even visit the Marmore falls.